Ari Photography is based in Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Southlake, Texas.

Our photography specializes in Conceptual Couture and Avant-Garde Wedding & Fashion  Photography. We offer anything but your average style of photography. Seriously innovative, extremely fashion-based, somewhat edgy and quite eclectic in style; these are just a few descriptors that we boast. Ari Photography is often imitated but never duplicated.

We're constant contributors and LOVE working with with Modern Luxury Brides of Dallas and Modern Luxury Dallas Fashion magazines.  We are proud to be heavily involved with the Rosewood Crescent Hotel and its luxury club members.  Conversing and working with celebrity designers such as Nate Berkus, Jeremiah Brent, Christian Siriano, Frank Sinatra Jr. and several NFL Athletes have helped us to stretch and grow our talents.  We LOVE bright coloring however appreciate the romantic feel of a vintage piece as well.

We're often asked who influences our Fashionable Photography Style: Urban Outfitters & Anthropologie along with haute couture runway shows. We also drool over Neo-Baroque, Cabana Architecture, Vanity Fair & Vogue Magazine. Movies with "mood" coloring such as Transformers, Mama Mia & CSi-Miami contain bold colors that inspire us. America's Next Top Model & Project Runway often spark ideas.

You'll notice that Ari Photography is NOT solely vintage, bohemian or all HDR. They're simply techniques we employ to fit the appropriate mood, look and feel. EACH photography shoot is handcrafted down to the smallest detail. When producing a couture shoot, our minds get to work on what will be the most ideal conditions, lighting, style, editing, post-processing, and more to get your images to convey the feeling you most desire.

All shoots are unique to our clients, down to the very last cloud and butterfly. Our outdoor "world" studio guarantees that the next client will not receive carbon copies of the client just before them! All photography sessions are unique: whether for Weddings, Magazine spreads, Unbridled Fashion, Haute Models or something altogether unique. Its all custom.. and we pride ourselves on this detail.

If you'd like to learn more, schedule a consultation or your next Photography Session, please Contact Us.