Arianne Lewis is a published luxury fashion photographer based out of Dallas, Texas.

Her Business: Ari Photography, offers Unique and Luxury Wedding, Fashion and conceptual photography in the areas of Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Southlake, Texas.

Ari grew up in Santa Cruz County & Ventura County, CA amongst the hustle and bustle of her mothers' wedding planning business. Her father, a recently passed world-renowned abstract artist, taught her the importance of finding her niche passion in her inherited artistic talent.

At just ten years old, Ari procured a Nikon film camera. Immediately she learned that, through photographs she could not only capture the moment for others, she could turn that photo into something worth amplifying and presenting as a work of art to friends and family in the home or office. Ari’s passion and talent grew from there, and she now looks back and realizes how her life's journey truly molded her into this role.

"As a youth, I found myself wedding and reception "hopping". Nothing had me more excited than to see how the event was going to play out, be decorated etc. This all with the exception of dreams for my own future wedding of course. One day it just "clicked" for me: my grandmother grew up as a model and owned a wedding cake business for 20 years. My mother found herself as a wedding planner in between her hours working as the regional manager for Elizabeth Arden Makeup line. My father taught art & photography in colleges country wide and was an incredible abstract artist. Its no wonder I've found myself in this niche of "Wedding & Fashion Photographer! And of course, I'm loving every minute of it!"

These days, among the "Photo"-graphers and "Faux-tographers", Arianne sets herself apart with her Couture and Avante Garde approach to photography. Ari perceives and shoots each photo as a potential crowd-stopping art piece. Creative lighting, stunning color, and surprising locations make each photo so much more than just a simple snapshot. Ari refers to her photography sessions as "productions" because, quite simply stated, that's what they are. The amount of effort and personalized details that go into each shoot is unequivocal to other photographers.

Ari draws inspriation from many entities, including: Anthropoligie, Urban Outfitters, Vogue magazine, Vanity Fair, the San Francisco, Miami, Dallas/Ft. Worth,Texas and New York art and fashion scene. Abstract Art, Juicy Couture/MAC Marketing, Haute couture runway out of Europe and Betsy Johnson also play a part in the inspirations that excite and influence her.

Ari’s three sons continuously inspire her to be a better photographer so as to catch each unique moment before it passes. Her father’s paintings around the home remind Ari to keep a creative and artistic mindset:to make each photo striking and worth presenting.


Ari Photography: Couture Wedding Fashion Photography for the Avante Garde..... A Boutique Affair

Interested in booking an International, Cross Country or local Dallas Texas session? Contact Ari by email or phone. or {LA OFFICE} 805.354.2579 {DFW OFFICE} 682.593.9ARI

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